Steps For An Expert Clean

Learn how to clean a bathroom and the best way to deep clean a bathroom. Get bathroom cleaning tips & view cleaning products that can help with bathroom cleaning.

  • step 1
    How To Clean a Toilet
    Our cleaning game plan? Knock out the dirtiest job first. Get at toilet bowl germs and grime with Original Pine-Sol® to disinfect while you clean the rest of the bathroom.
  • step 2
    How To Clean a Shower
    Dirt, mildew, and soap scum like to linger behind after the suds rinse down the drain. Use Pine-Sol® on shower tiles, walls, fixtures, and even plastic shower curtains.
  • step 3
    How To Clean a Bathtub
    Use your bathtub as your Pine-Sol® mop bucket when you hit the floors. Then, wipe away that pesky dirty water ring from the inside of the tub, as well as buildup on your faucet and drain.
  • step 4
    How To Clean a Bathroom Floor
    A dirty bathroom floor can be a playground for germs and viruses. Follow these 5 simple steps to keep your bathroom floor tiles funk-free and foot-friendly with Pine-Sol® Original, and as always, use only as directed.


Use Original Pine-Sol® to disinfect your toilet bowl, or Lavender Clean® for the guest bathroom.

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