How to Clean the Playroom

How to Clean a Playroom

Seriously Clean the Playroom

Steps For An Expert Clean

Clean the playroom and get kids messes wiped up with Pine-Sol. Learn how to clean the playroom and disinfect toys with our multi-surface cleaner.

  • step 1
    How to Clean Plastic
    Plastic is a staple in playroom furniture and toys, and tends to get grubby quickly. Start off by giving all the plastic in your playroom a good de-gunking.
  • step 2
    How to Clean Wood
    Use Pine-Sol® for quick wipe-downs on wooden tables and chairs, or for periodic deep-cleans on wooden floors and furniture.
  • step 3
    How to Clean Walls
    Got a Picasso on your hands who fancies him or herself a muralist? Or just a case of grimy handprints or smudges on the walls? Give those walls a Pine-Sol® wash-down.
  • step 4
    How to Clean Fabric and Laundry
    Give Original Pine-Sol® a go on the stains and spots that find their way into your kids' laundry hampers. You'll never fear grape juice again.
  • step 5
    How to Clean Carpet
    Carpet collects its share of battle scars keeping little feet warm and cushioning rough play. Get at carpet or rug stains with Original Pine-Sol®.


Zap germs with Original Pine-Sol®, or use Pine-Sol® Lavender Clean® for a calming playtime scent.

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