Trash Cans

How To CleanTrash Cans

What's that smell? Trash and recycling bins are breeding grounds for funky smells. Banish foul-smelling drips and germy residue with Pine-Sol®.



Pour a little Pine-Sol® onto a cloth or paper towel.


Wipe down your trash receptacle inside and out.


Rinse with water, and you’re done! Better, right? Remember to throw on some gloves — sometimes it’s better to be safe than pretty!

Cleaning Up Stinky Garbage


Pine-Sol® customers love the Lemon Fresh scent for this stinky job — critters rooting for trash, not so much!

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Featured Tips

Trash Tricks

Wipe down the inside of your trash to keep it smelling fresh. Place an extra batch of garbage bags at the bottom of the trash can, so when you take out the trash, you’ve got a replacement bag waiting.

Clean Sweep

Before sweeping dirt into your dustpan, put a plastic bag around it. When you're done sweeping, turn the bag upright and throw it away. Just a few seconds can save you minutes in the long run.