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We've teamed up with the non-profit Women Empowered to connect women with each other to inspire, guide and uplift through the power of mentorship. The Pine-Sol Lady Diane Amos shares her personal story.

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Giving Back Real People Making A Difference

Pine-Sol is proud of these people making a difference in their community. As a small thank you we're contributing an Amazon gift card and Pine-Sol product to their organizations.

As Executive Director at Together We Rise, Gianna Dahlia (center) works to improve the lives of foster children in America, leading a group of volunteers that includes former foster youth. The incredible organization collaborates with community partners and hundreds of foster agencies to provide youth with bicycles, college supplies and suitcases so they can live their childhood with self-esteem and dignity. Every child should have the opportunity to feel like they have a home. Thank you Gianna!

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Rose White (sixth from left) helps Maryvale’s Residential Treatment Program heal and strengthen girls who have been victims of severe neglect, physical and sexual abuse, and sex trafficking. Through fun creative, educational activities, Rose and her colleagues help empower and give voices to the voiceless, while educating and supporting girls to reach self-reliance and independence. It’s incredible work that is making a difference every day. Great work Rose!

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Watch how these powerful women have faced challenges to make a difference in their communities and lives.

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Meet the Deep Clean Divas

<span>Meet the</span> Deep Clean Divas

Passionate fans channeled their love of Pine-Sol® Multi-Surface Cleaners into a series of fierce competitions. There were games, rewards and fabulous prizes. And most importantly, we found our Deep Clean Diva and her royal court.

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