In our Deep Clean Diva program we searched for loyal Pine-Sol® fans and showered them in games, goodies, and fabulous prizes.

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In Spring 2012, Diane put the call out for the country's most passionate Pine-Sol® fans, and four finalists were chosen to compete for a $5,000 prize and the coveted Deep Clean Diva title. These cleanest of the clean rolled up their sleeves and battled some major messes! The diva game rose to unprecedented heights until one lucky Pine-Sol® fan was crowned our Deep Clean Diva.

We soon realized that every Diva needs her Royal Court. So in Spring 2013, we designed a whole new competition. Each week, the makers of Pine-Sol® products offered up new games that our Insiders played to earn points that they could redeem for feel-good goodies. The six divas who earned the most points won a spot on the Royal Court. The Divas got prizes, and we got wisdom and inspiration from these veteran Pine-Sol® users.

  • Describe the biggest mess a holiday houseguest left you to clean up.

    "The grandkids brought over their bunny - but not its cage!"


  • What is the most unusual thing you clean with Pine-Sol® Multi-Surface Cleaner when the New Year begins?

    "I use PineSol Lavender Clean to clean the base of Christmas tree to get the sap off before storage."


  • What's the worst unexpected mess you've found on your kitchen floor?

    "Oh most definitely a dozen eggs my grandbaby threw and busted."


  • When have you been surprised by a smelly mess at home and cleaned it with Pine-Sol® Multi-Surface Cleaner?

    "When my daughter decided to paint with her pudding cup."


  • Describe a cleaning chore that most people dread, but that you love doing.

    "I love scrubbing the tub!& then rewarding myself with a nice bubble bath! "


  • If the Pine-Sol® Lady could grant you three wishes, what would you wish for?

    "Happily ever after, a forever clean home and a better world to bring children into."