Powerful Women Image

Jennifer Robinson:
Destined for Greatness

Follow the path of Jennifer Robinson, whose program, "Daughters of Destiny," provides mentoring for at-risk young women to help them fulfill their hopes and dreams.

Chris Meadows:
The Power of Sisterhood

Here, Chris Meadows takes the challenges of a broken marriage and single-motherhood and starts "Harvest Girls International" to help young women conquer challenges of their own.

Pamela Goodwin:
Women In Motion

Watch the inspirational story of Pamela Goodwin, a local activist who overcame addiction to launch a street-level HIV and AIDS education and awareness campaign in her community's high-risk areas called "Women In Motion."

Ericka Gibson And Deshong Perry-Smitherman:
A Girl's Gift

See the powerful steps Ericka Gibson and Deshong Perry-Smitherson are taking with "A Girl's Gift," their program that enables 10- to 14-year-old girls to identify and reach positive goals.