When Life Stinks Women Rise Above It

Meet some extraordinary women who were able to rise above adversity in their lives.

we rose above it

Celebrating THE POWER OF

Pine-Sol teamed up with Women Empowered to give women a place to connect and empower each other to rise above adversity. More than 100 amazing individuals honored the mentors who inspired them. See the powerful mentorship story shared by the Pine-Sol lady Diane Amos.

  • I Rose Above Verbal and Physical Abuse

    Growing up was very difficult for me because I lived with a Bi-Polar father who would get into [...]
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  • I Rose Above Fear of my Mental Illness

    I’ve dealt with mental illness most of my life (depression and other symptoms) and was [...]
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  • I Rose Above New Mommy w/ Lung Cancer

    I went to the ER with pneumonia while I was three months pregnant with my first child, that is [...]
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