Get to Know The Pine-Sol Lady

Diane Amos is “The Pine-Sol® Lady” and has served as the spokesperson for Pine-Sol® Brand Cleaners’ advertising campaigns since 1993. Outside this role, Diane is a stand-up comedian who acts in films and stage plays. But off stage, Diane may be found performing acts of kindness in her community. When asked about ideas of how anyone can make a powerful difference, Diane says: “Be observant and look around your neighborhood to see how you can help. Volunteer to read books to children at a local library. Help the elderly write letters to their loved ones. Some of the smallest acts of service can help others in a surprisingly big way.”

The way I make a powerful difference is to spread myself around. I volunteer. I speak to students and encourage them to follow their dreams. I help out teachers at local schools. I teach my kids about service and get them involved in the community with me.

Diane Amos, Pine-Sol® Lady

About Diane

Diane Amos leaves an impression. This wife and mother of two is an actress (“Nine Months”, “Angels in the Outfield”), a stand-up comedian, an inspirational speaker and a winning contestant on game shows like “$25,000 Pyramid” and “Wheel of Fortune.” But you probably know her best as The Pine-Sol® Lady, a role she first took on in 1993.

The Pine-Sol® Lady on Being Recognized

Diane and Her Mom

"My mother was very smart — almost a genius, I'd say. She was very well read. So even though we were very poor and living in a lot of poverty, if we saved our money it was not for typical things: we'd go to the symphony, to the opera, to the ballet, to plays. She was really adamant about our economic situation not being our destiny."

My mother told me I was smart, that I was beautiful, and that I could do whatever I set my mind to.

Diane Amos, Pine-Sol® Lady