Howto Name

Cabinet hinges painted over?

Howto Description

Unsticking painted over cabinet hinges, and latches.

Step One

Remove offending hardware, and soak in undiluted pine-sol for 24 hours. Use small stiff bristle brush, scrub under fairly hot water. (Please do use gloves)...all the old paint and dirty gunk should completely wash away.

Step Two

If there are remnants remaining, soak a bit longer, and finish scrubbing. They should look and work like new.

Step Three

Be careful with what you do here. You may wish to do all the hardware, especially if you can\'t locate older replacements. Stand back and admire your diligence, and hard (NOT!) work.

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I love to resurrect old and antique house hardware

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Fixing old school quality stuff.

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If your stuff is not becoming to should be coming to me.

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