How to Clean Linoleum

How to Clean Linoleum

Go Gentle on Linoleum

Steps For An Expert Clean

Learn how to clean linoleum floors and how to deep clean linoleum floors. Pine-Sol is a gentle cleaner and the best way to clean linoleum floors.

  • step 1
    Dilute ¼ cup Pine-Sol® to a gallon of water.
  • step 2
    Wipe those dirty floors down with the solution using a mop or sponge. Be sure not to allow the solution to pool; you should never let linoleum get too wet.
  • step 3
    Scrub tougher stains and scuffs with full-strength Pine-Sol® and a scrubbing brush, then rinse with water.

Use Pine-Sol® instead of ammonia-based cleaners to clean linoleum, which can break down the material and cause cracking.


Try Original Pine-Sol® to clean linoleum floors for a breeze of fresh air in your hallway, or Pine-Sol® Lemon Fresh in your kitchen.

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