How to Clean Walls

How to Clean Walls

Got a budding Picasso on your hands with a flair for paint? Or just a case of grimy handprints or smudges on the walls? Get those walls clean with a Pine-Sol® wash-down.



Add about ¼ cup of your favorite Pine-Sol® scent to a gallon of water.


Dip a sponge, rag or cloth in the mixture and wring out until it’s lightly damp. Then, start wiping down the walls from top to bottom, using Pine-Sol® at its full strength on stubborn marks.


Wipe down the walls with water.


Finish up with a dry wipe to prevent streaking.


Change it up by cleaning your walls with Pine-Sol® Mandarin Sunrise™ scent in the bathroom and relaxing Lavender Clean® in the bedroom.

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