How to Clean a Kitchen

How to Clean a Kitchen

Knock Out Kitchen Mess

Steps For An Expert Clean

Learn how to clean a kitchen and knock out kitchen messes. Pine-Sol can help with cleaning a kitchen and cleans various surfaces.

  • step 1
    How To Clean a Refrigerator
    Sticky fridge shelves, forgotten takeout boxes and dirty produce drawers are a sign it's time to scour the fridge. Start with this job, as you'll be unloading those messy surprises on your counters, sink or trash, afterwards.
  • step 2
    How To Clean a Microwave
    Turns out high heat makes for some major mess. Try our Pine-Sol® trick to wipe away crusty food residue inside your microwave with ease.
  • step 3
    How To Clean Appliances
    Get those appliances gleaming next — think big surfaces like your range and smaller appliances like your toaster and food processor too.
  • step 4
    How To Clean Countertops
    A Pine-Sol® wipedown takes care of crumbs, cooking splatters and grimy corners for counters that sparkle.
  • step 5
    How To Clean a Garbage Can
    Nothing says "pristine kitchen" like an empty, de-gunked trash can. It's the perfect finishing touch for to get that Pine-Sol® clean and scent you love.


Pine-Sol® fans love the citrusy Mandarin Sunrise™ and Lemon Fresh scents in their kitchens.

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