How To Cleanthe Refrigerator

Does something smell funky or feel sticky in the back of the fridge? It's probably time for a good Pine-Sol® scouring.



Clear your fridge of all food items, moving items that need to be kept refrigerated to a cooler or a sink full of ice. You may want to tackle the refrigerator right before a grocery store trip so you have less to move.


Turn down the cooling power so it's not as chilly for your scrubbing session.


Dilute ¼ cup of Pine-Sol® in a gallon of warm water.


Sponge down the inside fridge walls with the solution. You may need a full-strength dose to handle those hard-to-clean areas.


Follow up by thoroughly rinsing any surface that might come into contact with food or food containers.

What Your Mama
Taught You

“When cleaning windows, appliances, cabinets, etc., always start at the top and work your way down.”


For a job this smelly, we recommend Pine-Sol® Lemon Fresh

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