Steps For
An Expert Clean

Oil, grease and grime on your cement — well, it's just not pretty. Clean and restore your yard, driveway or garage floor with Pine-Sol®.

step 1

Quickly sweep the surface clear of clutter and dirt.

step 2

Fill a bucket with warm water, diluting about ¼ cup of your preferred Pine-Sol® cleaner for each gallon.

step 3

Dip a hard brush or push broom in the mixture to give everything a thorough scrubbing. If you have colored concrete, test a small spot before proceeding.

step 4

Scrub down particularly persistent stains with a bit of undiluted Pine-Sol®

step 5

Hose down the clean concrete or cement with a bucket of clean water or a pressure washer, and let dry.


Remove grease and grime from concrete and cement with Pine-Sol® Original.

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