How To CleanGranite

Granite needs a little TLC to keep looking so gorgeous. So steer clear of abrasive cleaners, which can dull its finish, and use Pine-Sol® to gloss up and clean your granite.



Brush or sweep away dust, dirt or food crumbs.


Dilute ¼ cup of Pine-Sol® in a gallon of warm water.


Wipe down granite with a sponge or mop soaked in the solution.


Scrub stubborn stains with full strength Pine-Sol®. Use a cleaning brush or plastic scrub pad rather than a harsh scouring pad, which can scratch unsealed granite.


Wipe down with water using a microfiber cloth to keep your granite streak-free.

Remember to wipe up spills on unsealed granite floors as soon as possible, and to reseal your granite countertops as recommended by your installation care guide.

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“I've used all the high-end granite counter cleaners, and NONE clean as well nor add the sparkle to my home like diluted Pine-Sol. Amazing! Works great when misted onto wood floors and dry mopped, too!”


Attack germs on bathroom granite with disinfecting Original Pine-Sol®.

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