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How To Clean Hair Brushes

By About a Mom

Does your hair brush get those little fuzzies at the bottom of the bristles? You don’t have to ever brush your clean hair with a dirty hair brush again. Here’s how to use Pine-Sol to clean your old, dirty, nasty hair brush.



Remove all of the trapped hair from the brush. Scissors, toothpicks and tweezers all come in handy for this task.


Fill a large bowl or your bathroom sink, with 3 parts very hot water to 1 part Pine-Sol. You will be placing your hair brush into the bowl as well, so don’t fill to the top.


Place the hair brush into the bowl, and allow to soak 2-3 minutes. Use a toothbrush to scrub through the bristles. Continue brushing until clean.


Remove the brush from the bowl and rinse in clean water. Place on a towel to dry.

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