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Pine-Sol vs. Laundry Stains

Next time stinky socks, grease stains or dirty dog beds hit your laundry basket, erase odors and dial up the clean with Original Pine-Sol®.



For powerful spot treatment and stain removal, use a sponge or cloth to rub full-strength Original Pine-Sol® into the stain, grease spot or dirt mark.


Wash according to the garment's care label, either in your washing machine or by hand.


Add ½ cup of Original Pine-Sol® along with your regular detergent to boost a load of white or colorfast laundry. If you're not sure if your fabric is colorfast, test an inconspicuous area first.

What Your Mama
Taught You

Having three active teenage boys in the house can really stink things up. When they come home from sports practice, I put a cup of Pine-Sol in laundry with their stinky clothes. It gets rid of all the dirt, sweat and smells. They actually notice how clean their clothes look and smell! If a kid notices, you know it's wonderful!!!


Use Original Pine-Sol® instead of scented variety to clean fabrics, laundry and carpets.

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